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Month: June, 2014

Should You Care If Your Local Sex Partners Don’t Cum Before You?

If you have a local sex partner, I pat you on the back. Congratulations. You’ve used the internet the right way, eg a site like FindLocalFuck. Unfortunately, a lot of guys think that as long as they put the right profile on Facebook, a friend of a friend will eventually find themselves on top of their dicks. This is completely wrong and misguided.

If you are looking for local sex, you need to have the right tools. You need to find websites or mobile apps that help you get local sex. It’s all about specialization. That’s the iron rule of the internet. However, you can get a lot of success with finding local fuck dates, but still drop the ball. I am, of course, talking about your sexual practices.

You have to remember that if you want to develop a large network of women who would want to have sex with you regularly, you need to pleasure them. This means you need to time orgasms properly. As the old saying goes, the customer always comes first. This also applies to women. Make sure they cum first. Here are the reasons.

Most Guys Are Sexual Pigs

I’m sorry to break this to you, but most guys are pigs. They think that sex is really all about them. It’s all about pleasing them. In other words, the whole idea of having sex with this hottie is all about you ejaculating inside her hole. You might as well just jerk off if that’s how you think.

Unfortunately, this kind of thinking turns most guys into lousy lovers. They suck in bed because they only think about their pleasure. They don’t pay attention to whether or not the woman actually came. She can pretend that she’s cumming, but don’t fall for that.

Bad Sex Can Give You a Bad Reputation

If you want to be a truly legendary local sex machine, you need to develop a good reputation. You can’t do this if you insist on achieving an orgasm before your partner even gets warmed up.

Your Partner Prospects Might Get Severely Limited

You have to understand that women talk. If you develop a reputation for being a lousy lay, women wouldn’t want to touch you with a ten-foot pole. In fact, even if you have a one-inch penis but you’re still able to make women orgasm over and over again, women will still flock to you. However, even if you have a twenty-inch cock but you insist on cumming way before them, then women will want to avoid you.