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Do Free Hookup Sites Really Exist?

One of the biggest dreams of any straight, single, red-blooded American male is to find a hot-looking woman online and fuck the shit out of her. Wouldn’t that be awesome? To make things even better, he did it for free. This might all seem quite unthinkable as recently as ten years ago. Now, it is very easy to find women online who just want to fuck. That’s right-just booty knocking, hardcore sex action without the bullshit drama of emotional attachments or young adult crush garbage. You just get in there, cum, and get the fuck out.
Well, to many guys, this is a pipe dream. They have been veterans of online dating. They know that if you want to hook up with chicks that are worth hooking up with, you need to spend some of that hard-earned cash. The whole thinking is paid websites offer better quality and a better dating experience.
I beg to differ. In fact, such models are actually quite outdated. Why pay for a dating site when there are so many free hookup sites on the Internet? It seems that the number of these free dating sites is exploding and growing almost daily. There’s a lot of demand and there are a lot of websites looking to meet that demand. Pretty straightforward economics.
The best part of it all is they are completely free. That’s right no strings attached. They make their money by either upselling you to premium features, which are completely voluntary, or they show ads. The great thing with ads is that if you see them enough times, you eventually get blinded to them. There is such a thing as banner blindness. The good news is there are websites that are completely free that enable you to hook up. How awesome is that?